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Imaging Facility Policy Regarding Covid-19


The Imaging Facility is a high-risk area for spreading viruses.  We, in consultation with the Department of MCB, have established these requirements for those wishing to use this facility:

  • Fresh gloves must be put on upon entering the Facility
  • These gloves —  but not ANY gloves worn outside the facility — MUST be worn at all times while in the Facility. 
  • Microscope oculars must be wiped with 70% ethanol solution before and after each use.  Please see Howard or Michael for such wipes.  
  • We recommend disposing of the gloves worn inside the Facility when you leave.  

Please take these simple precautions to protect yourself and prevent the spread of any virus you may be carrying.  Note that the Imaging Facility is a high-risk area for spreading viruses.  

Anyone who cannot follow these simple rules will have their access to our microscope and computers blocked.