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Important Updates Regarding the MCB Light Imaging Core Facility


Please welcome our new facility director, Thomas Wilkop

Thomas comes to the MCB Light Imaging Core Facility from the University of Kentucky, where he directed their light microscopy core. Thomas has a passion for developing and applying advanced, quantitative imaging technologies and has dedicated much of his career to push forward advances in microscopy, assay development and quantitative biology. We are lucky to have his expertise. 

Please be patient as we play “catch-up” with the lingering facilty hardware updates and training. The gap between Michael Paddy’s departure and Thomas’ start date has created a backlog of tasks that we are endeavoring to address. 

Please contact Thomas directly about your imaging needs, or reach out to me (the faculty director) about  other facility issues). 

Please direct inquiries to the following individuals: 

  • User accounts and computing: Hemang Patel (hcpatel@ucdavis.edu), MCB Systems Administrator
  • Recharges and other billing questions: Debbie Smith (debsmith@ucdavis.edu) or Nena Herrera (MCB CAO; nnerrera@ucdavis.edu)