Supporting Resources

Bitplane AG Imaris XT software (version 7.1) for visualization, quantitation, volume rendering, particle tracking, and co-localization analysis.  The functionality of this tool can be extended through the use of MatLab programs, which individual users can easily tailor to their own, specific needs. 

Huygens Professional image deconvolution software for the deconvolution of data containing spherical aberration and easy inclusion of one’s own measured PSF into the deconvolution process. The MLE updating method in the Huygen’s deconvolution is especially useful for low signal to noise images, such as live samples.  Recently, users have had good success deconvolving spinning disk confocal images. 

Applied Precision softWoRx Suite Linux-based deconvolution and display software running on a very high end Mac Pro. 

70 TB Network Server for storing and analysis of image data.