Facility Rules

The facility works well for everybody when we follow the rules. 

All users must be trained before using the microscopes. Trainings on any instruments are conducted by the facility staffs ONLY.

Using the microscopes
  • NO food or drink is allowed in the microscope rooms.
  • Microscope time should be booked using the online calendar prior to use.
  • Turn each microscope on and off as described on the startup and shutdown procedure.  Do not turn on components you won't use.
  • All lasers must be kept on for 1 hour minimum and need to cool down for 1 hour before being reignited. 
  • Record your use of the instruments in the logbook. You will be charged only for the time used.
  • If you finish more than 30 min early, please let the next user know that the instrument is available to use.
  • Leave the microscope and room clean and ready for the next user. Make sure to clean any oil objective you used. 
  • Your samples should be disposed in your lab, not in the imaging facility.
  • Check the online booking calendar at the end of your session; leave the system on if someone is booked within 1 hour, otherwise turn it off.
  • It is very helpful to us if you can report any problem with the scopes in the comment section of the logbook.
  • All equipment should be treated respectfully. Persons responsible for equipment damage are financially liable if the equipment was damaged due to improper use.
  • If you need to cancel your session, please sent a delete request of your reserved time as far ahead as possible.
  • If you fail to cancel your reservation and don't use the instrument, the charge is made for the entire reserved time.
  • When you cancel your session, you are responsible for ensuring that the microscope is turned off, if applicable. The person before you will leave the scope on if there is someone booked after them. This is particularly important if you are booked to be the last user of the day.
You are responsible for your data
  • Any images left on the computer hard-drives are unsafe and may be deleted without warning. Move your data to the server as soon as possible after acquisition.