How We Operate

  • Instruments are operated by users, not by the facility’s staffs.  We are not a drop off, fee-for-service facility.  

  • Individual users are certified on specific instruments by the Facility Manager.  Once certified, the user has unrestricted access to the instrument at any time of day or night.  A web-based reservation system is in place and each certified user is given a key of the facility.  

  • The Facility staff’s members are available for training and consultation, but typically are not directly involved in daily use of the instruments.  Individual users run their own samples whenever and however they wish.  The daily role of the facility’s staff is to solve user problems, maintain the instruments, and ensure they are used properly.  

  • Proper use of the instruments is tightly enforced to protect the instrument for the large user group.  Any damage to instruments thus means unacceptable down time for the experiments of the entire group.  Individual users who do not follow operating guidelines have their access to instruments blocked.  

  • User recharges pay for the entire cost of operating the facility. The recharge rate is kept as low as possible to allow costs and recharge income to balance. We receive no direct financial support from UC-Davis.